Changes to the ways we work during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

We want to do our best to keep you and our staff safe during the emergency and your visit to the practice. To do this we are making some changes to the way we work. Below are some of the current alterations you may notice but these may change again as experience and guidance develops.

  1. If you are an existing patient any appointments you made before June 1st should be considered cancelled. We will be contacting you over the next few weeks to make new appointments where that is appropriate. We have personally got in touch with everyone we could to tell them this but there were a few people we were unable to reach.
  2. We will call you to make your new appointment over the coming weeks and give up to date and tailored information to you.
  3. Before your actual visit to the practice we will be sending,electronically wherever possible, information to you. Some of this will need to be completed and returned to us before your visit.
  4. We are trying not to use our waiting room and minimise your time in the practice. Therefore, please come alone, unless you require assistance, and arrive as close to the appointment time as possible.
  5. Please try to travel light. If you can, leave coats and bags etc. elsewhere
  6. When you come to the practice the door will be locked.You will need to use the intercom or bell to let us know you are waiting.
  7. We will ask you to sanitise your hands before going into the surgery.
  8. We are trying to minimise use of our toilet so do try and go before you come to the practice if you can. If this isn’t possible we will ask you to use the disinfectant wipes we provide to clean anything you have touched after using the toilet. If for any reason this isn’t possible we will of course do it for you.
  9. Please try and touch as few things in the practice as possible during your visit.
  10. In the surgery the dentist and nurse will be wearing an increased amount of protective clothing, including a mask and visor.
  11. When the visit is complete we will ask you to wash your  hands with soap and water before leaving the surgery.

All the new procedures make it difficult to communicate in the surgery. It’s still possible but not as easy as it used to be. So, if you would like, the dentist will be able to speak more comfortably to you either before or after your visit, or possibly both, by using a secure video chat solution. If you would like to take advantage of this please let us know and we will book an appointment for it.

No doubt there will be alterations to the above procedures. With time, hopefully things will get back a little closer to how they used to be.

However for now we want to follow best practice and do our best to keep everyone protected.