What is Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic or root canal treatment is a means of saving a tooth that has been damaged by infection or deep decay. The purpose of the treatment is to restore the tooth to good health so that it can function properly inside your mouth.

Why would a tooth need to be Root Treated?

Inside every tooth is a pulp chamber and root canals that contain a living tissue called the pulp. If a large cavity in a tooth reaches the pulp or if a tooth breaks bacteria can reach the pulp and infect it .The root canals then become infected and inevitably an abscess forms in the bone around the roots. Pain may occur at any time during this process and the infection can spread.

Endodontist in Norwich, Norfolk

A badly decayed tooth causing infection in the supporting bone.

How is Root Canal Treatment done?

The purpose of the treatment is to remove the bacteria from inside the tooth and disinfect the root canals. This is done by making a hole through the tooth into the pulp chamber, locating and measuring the root canal lengths, then cleaning and widening them with very fine instruments.

Root canal treatment can be provided over one or more visits. At Charing Cross Practice, we believe that we are able to provide our patients with a higher standard of care by providing root canal treatment over multiple visits, usually two. This treatment approach has the longest associated scientific evidence base and we have used this justification for lasting success in thousands of cases over the last 15 years.

What happens after Root Canal Treatment?

Treatment may weaken the tooth and it is essential that you return to your dentist so that the tooth can be properly protected . A crown is often necessary. Once it is restored the tooth can be used normally, until then it is wise not to bite too hard on it.

The infected contents of the pulp chamber and root canals are carefully removed.

Is it painful?

Local anesthesia is used throughout the procedure and every possible step is taken to ensure you are comfortable while the work is carried out. Following treatment you will be informed if there is a possibility of discomfort . This is usually minor and doesn’t last long.

How long does the treatment take?

This can vary according to the complexity of the root canals. Most treatment is completed in two sessions lasting around 90 minutes. This may seem a long time but is essential to do the work properly. Once treatment is under way many people actually fall asleep during the work.

Is success guaranteed?

Root Canal Treatment does enjoy a high level of success . However it should be remembered that it is impossible to guarantee the success of any medical procedure . Even with the very best treatment healing may not occur as planned due to circumstances beyond the control of the dentist. If this happens further options may be available and it may still be posssible to keep the tooth.

The root canals are filled with gutta percha and the pulp chamber sealed.