We give all of our patients a written report and estimate of fees before starting treatment. Fees for Endodontic Treatment are as follows :

Consultation  –  £130
Front tooth  –  £860
Premolar  –  £895
Molar  –  £945

These fees will be kept to wherever possible. However increased difficulty may require an additional charge. This can usually be established following initial consultation and confirmed to you at this time.


This does vary, however after an initial consultation and examination we will give you an individual written report and estimate of fees. As a guide our average fees for some common treatments are as follows:

Consultation  –  £130
Partial Acrylic Denture  –  £650
Partial Metal Denture  –  £1000
Complete Dentures  –  £1600
Implant Retained Denture  –  £3500