Important – Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

For up to date Patient Safety and Information see “Latest News

To help limit the spread of this disease we have altered way we work. For the safety of our patients and staff  we will continue to operate this way after the July 19th COVID rule relaxation

If you have been referred to see us, or have an appointment scheduled, we will contact you personally to discuss how we can provide the treatment you need whilst minimising risk to you and the wider community.

Teeth that require the root canal (Endodontic) treatment we provide can be a source of dental pain. Rest assured we will do all we can to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

We are seeing patients for the full range of our treatments. Please go to “Latest News” for important information about how we are operating. This section is updated regularly as advice and knowledge changes.

Charing Cross Practice is situated in the centre of Norwich. The practice treats people who require more demanding Endodontic (Root Canal) treatment.

Endodontics is the aspect of dentistry concerned with the treatment of the pulpal tissue at the centre of a tooth. It is also known as root canal treatment. Charing Cross Practice is one of a very few practices in the UK solely specialising in this aspect of dentistry.

Charing Cross Practice was opened in 2003 by Richard Crosby and Maya Desai as a centre for local colleagues to refer their patients. If you are a patient then this site will give you information about the people you will meet at Charing Cross and what is involved in some of the treatments we provide.

Root Canal in Norwich, Norfolk | Charing Cross Practice


Endodontic or root canal treatment is a means of saving a tooth that has been damaged by infection or deep decay…

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